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A group from Israel has made the rather extraordinary claim that within 12 months they will have a cure for cancer. Before you sign up for the treatment or start investing in the company, it is important to realise when you hear any news about major breakthroughs in medicine in the news media, that often it is purely hype, a push to lift the share price or the treatment has only been shown to work...

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A few decades back, a diagnosis of cancer, in most cases, was a death sentence. But, for the last few decades, there have been enormous strides in the management of most forms of cancer. The standard treatment up to recently has been extensive surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Improvements in all 3 areas have seen much better treatments available for most cases of cancer. But, over the past...

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A recent study published in the British medical Journal from McGill University in Canada reviewed 1 million people in the UK who were commenced on blood pressure treatment between 1995–2015. These people were all adults and were followed for just over 6 years on average. During this time 8000 people were diagnosed with lung cancer.

Over the past decade, the most commonly prescribed blood pressure...

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