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Over the Christmas break, the subject of pill testing has been paramount because of the increasing deaths occurring during the numerous dance festivals happening over this period. I mentioned in my last article on the subject a few weeks ago that I had no issues with pill testing, as long as it has been shown to save lives (which does appear to be the case from preliminary evidence from Europe)...

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Over the festive season, there is usually a lull in medical news and information. Because of yet another death at a music festival recently, the discussion has reemerged about pill testing at these venues.

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Firstly, let me make the point that it is my opinion that any intervention that saves lives is important and should be considered. Secondly, let me make the even more...

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A recent study published in the British medical Journal from McGill University in Canada reviewed 1 million people in the UK who were commenced on blood pressure treatment between 1995–2015. These people were all adults and were followed for just over 6 years on average. During this time 8000 people were diagnosed with lung cancer.

Over the past decade, the most commonly prescribed blood pressure...

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