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A group from Israel has made the rather extraordinary claim that within 12 months they will have a cure for cancer. Before you sign up for the treatment or start investing in the company, it is important to realise when you hear any news about major breakthroughs in medicine in the news media, that often it is purely hype, a push to lift the share price or the treatment has only been shown to work...

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Over the Christmas break, the subject of pill testing has been paramount because of the increasing deaths occurring during the numerous dance festivals happening over this period. I mentioned in my last article on the subject a few weeks ago that I had no issues with pill testing, as long as it has been shown to save lives (which does appear to be the case from preliminary evidence from Europe)...

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Over the festive season, there is usually a lull in medical news and information. Because of yet another death at a music festival recently, the discussion has reemerged about pill testing at these venues.

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Firstly, let me make the point that it is my opinion that any intervention that saves lives is important and should be considered. Secondly, let me make the even more...

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Alcohol — is it all bad?

With Christmas only a few weeks away, we are all told it is the season to be jolly and it is certainly the time for winding down and enjoying the variety of Christmas festivities which typically includes the consumption of alcohol.

There have been recent reports suggesting consuming any alcohol whatsoever is deleterious to the health.

To address this issue, a study published...

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In a recent edition of the New England Journal of Medicine there were two original articles and an editorial discussing a large placebo controlled, randomised study of 25,871 people in the United States using what is known as a 2 X 2 factorial design which involved Fish oil, Vitamin D and placebo. There were four possible combinations i.e. Fish oil/placebo; Fish oil/Vitamin D; Vitamin D/placebo;...

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