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Alcohol — is it all bad?

With Christmas only a few weeks away, we are all told it is the season to be jolly and it is certainly the time for winding down and enjoying the variety of Christmas festivities which typically includes the consumption of alcohol.

There have been recent reports suggesting consuming any alcohol whatsoever is deleterious to the health.

To address this issue, a study published...

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In a recent edition of the New England Journal of Medicine there were two original articles and an editorial discussing a large placebo controlled, randomised study of 25,871 people in the United States using what is known as a 2 X 2 factorial design which involved Fish oil, Vitamin D and placebo. There were four possible combinations i.e. Fish oil/placebo; Fish oil/Vitamin D; Vitamin D/placebo;...

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A few decades back, a diagnosis of cancer, in most cases, was a death sentence. But, for the last few decades, there have been enormous strides in the management of most forms of cancer. The standard treatment up to recently has been extensive surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Improvements in all 3 areas have seen much better treatments available for most cases of cancer. But, over the past...

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A recent study published in the British medical Journal from McGill University in Canada reviewed 1 million people in the UK who were commenced on blood pressure treatment between 1995–2015. These people were all adults and were followed for just over 6 years on average. During this time 8000 people were diagnosed with lung cancer.

Over the past decade, the most commonly prescribed blood pressure...

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Vitamin D supplements — are they useless?

Osteoporosis is incredibly common. To quote the osteoporosis Australia website there is an estimated 1.2 million people living in Australia with the condition and a further 6.3 million people with low bone density. Although postmenopausal women are at the greatest risk for osteoporosis, well over 20% of males over the age of 50 suffer the condition as well....

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