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Hip and knee surgery — a panacea?

There is no doubt that the definitive, evidence-based treatment for severe knee or hip osteoarthritis is a joint replacement. All other therapies are aimed at either reducing inflammation or pain and as yet we do not have effective treatments to rebuild cartilage and thus giving a person a new joint is the current best approach.

But, we need to ask the question, is...

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By Dr Ross Walker A group of scientists and doctors who call themselves the “Friends of Science in Medicine” (FSM) are relaunching an attack on complementary medicine. During last week, there was a segment on Channel 9 News in Australia suggesting pharmacies are receiving kickbacks from complementary medicine companies for selling their supplements. The Monday 13th edition of Four Corners on the ABC will present an exposé on Australian complementary medical companies and services. This will be a damning segment presenting complementary medicine in a very bad light. We will hear the usual nonsense from conservative scientists and doctors, who...

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