Walker Wellbeing Omega 3 Test Kit

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The Omega-3 Index has been linked to improved:

 Heart health
 Brain health
 Eye health
 Joint health

Do you know your number?

Why Test?

How much omega-3 you eat is only part of the puzzle. There are many other factors that effect your Omega-3 Index such as:


Don't guess when you can test.

Research shows higher omega-3 blood levels are beneficial.

How it Works

Simple finger poke. No blood draw needed. Collect your sample at home.

step 1


Choose the test service you would like. The sample collection kit is the same for all services and typically arrives in 3 to 5 days.

step 2

Collect Sample

Follow the simple kit instructions to collect your sample from the comfort of home. Once you have your sample collected mail it back to our lab with the pre-paid envelope.

step 3


In 1-2 weeks you will receive an email letting you know your personalized results are ready.