Diets Don't Work eBook

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There have never been more diets on offer, yet as a population we’re getting fatter each year. All too many of us have shared the same dieting experience, where we initially lose weight for a couple of months only to plateau and then start piling the weight back on again. What’s going wrong? And if diets don’t work, what is the solution? The results will see you lose weight, feel healthier, be more energetic and live longer. This is not a fad diet to follow for a week or a month, this is a program to live your life by. By avoiding synthetic ingredients in what we eat, by exercising more and understanding our individual body shape and its nutritional requirements we can put ourselves back on the path of natural weight, health and fitness.

In clear, accessible and no-nonsense prose Ross Walker takes us through the problems we face in today’s unhealthy world and the simple, commonsense solutions that will allow you to reap the ongoing health benefits through weight-loss, increased well-being and energy and a longer life.