Magnesium Orotate

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Who needs Magnesium Orotate?

  • For people with heart issues eg irregular heartbeats
  • For people with fatigue issues who are looking to improve energy
  • For regular exercisers to fuel the muscles
  • For people on statins also taking Ubiquinol to minimise statin induced muscle problems
  • For all people 40+ concerned about general health

What Makes Magnesium Orotate unique?

  • Key mineral involved in a remarkable number of functions in the body
  • Essential mineral for good health
  • Highly soluble and bioavailable form of magnesium
  • May help to increase levels of Ubiquinol in the mitochondria (engine room) of cells

What’s in Magnesium Orotate?

Magnesium Orotate Dehydrate 800mg equivalent to Magnesium 51.2mg.

This product does not contain added wheat, gluten, dairy, lactose, animal products, soy, sugar,egg products or corn.

How to take Magnesium Orotate?

1 per day