Dr Graeme Williams


Molecular Endocrinology & Reproductive Medicine, Endocrine Disruption & Breast Cancer Research, Dept. Molecular & Cellular Medicine, University of Reading, UK

Dr Graeme Williams, a medical doctor, molecular endocrinologist, scientist, international speaker, author, and current Harvard Clinical Scholar;  truly ‘bridges the gap’ between the bench and bedside, having identified the role of stress, poor dietary habits, chemical exposures and hormonal havoc, that cause obesity, type two diabetes, breast and prostate cancer, anxiety and sexual dysfunction.

Famed for his easy-to-understand, eye-opening and entertaining talk series, “What every doctor SHOULD know about…weight loss, diabetes prevention, menopause, grumpy old man syndrome, reduced sexual response in men and women, and the chemicals that cause breast and prostate cancer”, one can discover how simple dietary changes, specific supplements, common sense, and avoidance of some everyday chemicals; can not only prevent disease, but reduce weight, restore energy, alleviate anxiety, enhance sexual response and improve wellbeing.

“We cannot become what we need to be, by remaining what we are”.


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